Pick a Frame

The first step to choosing which of our products is right for you is to pick a frame style.

Standard Minimalist


This is our standard frame. Its minimalist approach allows the image to be the star of the show. The image bleeds all the way off the edge of the backlitbox. The image is permanently adhered to the lightbox.

Aluminum Frame

BackLit Box Diagram

This is our new aluminum frame which allows the image to be changed by loosening two screws on the back of the frame. the frame covers about 7/16″ all the way around. This may be customized to be suitable for covered “out of the weather” outdoor locations.

Pick an Image Quality

We offer three image qualities to fit your project and your budget.

Economy Grade


Economy grade is our least expensive option and works great for signage or for boxes that will be viewed from a distance. Similar to our professional grade the acrylic gives the backlitbox a good solid feel that stays nice and flat. Top: 3 mil laminate. Middle: Image inkjet printed onto translucent vinyl. Bottom: 1/16th inch thick milky white acrylic diffusion layer.

Consumer Grade


Consumer Grade is our long-standing best seller in the consumer market. It combines the high quality of the duratrans image, with an affordable laminated face. This product has a soft face, but it works great in applications where it will be hung on the wall and left alone. Top:15 mil Lexan laminate. Bottom:High quality duratrans image.

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Professional Grade


This is the premium product that combines the best of all three options. It is the only choice for commercial applications or high traffic/close viewing areas. By far the best choice for any work worthy of the professional artist. The top non-glare acrylic layer provides stability to the box as well as a beautiful, deep, rich quality to the image. Top: 1/16th inch non-glare acrylic. Middle:Optically clear adhesive. Bottom:High quality duratrans image.

All backlitboxes have these important features in common

All of our products use an array of LEDs to provide optimum light dispersion over the entire viewing surface. Other products use edge lighting to cut the number of LEDs for cost concerns. This greatly sacrifices the quality of the image due to the uneven distribution of light. Most edge lit products are instantly recognizable by the bright halo around the dark center. These LEDs are rated for 50,000 to 100,000 hours. That means if you run them constantly they should last between 5.7 and 11.4 years! We guarantee them for 2 years, with our worry free guarantee.

LED Array

BackLit Box Diagram

Perfect lighting brings out a perfect picture.

Portfolio / Gallery

Please look around in our gallery for projects that may be similar to yours. We have done work from the very normal backlitbox, to ones with the appearance of moving water with lots of moving parts. From a small 8×8 up to 4 foot by 8 foot, we have even grouped large boxes to form huge picture walls!




Havana Beach

Cord Placement

The cord for your backlit box can be placed almost anywhere on the back or on the sides. Our standard process is to put two power outlets on each backlitbox, one on the back, and one on the bottom. That way you can hang or place on a shelf as you see fit. You can even hide the cord through your walls, we made a short youtube video to show that process: Hide the Cord